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Dunhua, Jilin Province, China


  • Nation: China
  • City: Dunhua, Jilin Province
  • Date of sister city agreement: June 21, 1997

Information of Sister City

  • Area: 11,957㎢ (730 times the area of Dongjak-gu (16.35㎢))
  • Population: 480,000 (Korean-Chinese: 23,400)
  • Administrative organization: 5 offices, 10 committees, 37 bureaus, 10 jins, 10 hyangs, and 395 chons
  • Features
    • Abundant resources including forest resources (hardwood), cattle, medicines, medicinal herbs, etc.
    • Focusing on open-door policy after being designated as an economic development zone
  • Major industries: Stock farming and tourism
  • Other information
    • Educational institution: 2 junior colleges and 368 elementary/middle/high schools
    • Culture and leisure: 300 cultural, sports, and entertainment venues
    • Other facilities, etc.: Libraries (over one million books), medical facilities, etc.

Dunhua, Jilin Province, China

Chinese flag

Exchange History

Exchange History
Date Description
January 18, 1997 Vice Mayor of Dunhua visited Dongjak-gu and suggested a sisterhood relationship
June 21-24, 1997 Dongjak-gu Delegation’s visit to Dunhua to conclude a sister city agreement
(Concluded a sister city agreement and delivered 100 books on June 21)
September 2, 1997 Delivered 1,017 books to a Korean-Chinese school in Dunhua
March 19-27, 1998 Dunhua Delegation’s visit to Dongjak-gu
(Exchanged administrative information and discussed economic exchange)
May 27-29, 1998 Dongjak-gu Regional Economy Council Overseas Market Development Group (one government employee and seven businessmen) dispatched to Dunhua
- Visited companies to discuss trading routes and review technology distribution issues
November 13-21, 1998 Dunhua Businessmen’s Group visit to Dongjak-gu (visited businesses in Dongjak-gu for economic exchange)