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Origins of Place Names


  • The name of Noryangjin means a pier where white herons wander around. In the Joseon dynasty, people had to use Nodeulnaru to go from present-day Yongsan to Suwon. In this period, Noryangjin was installed in this area to protect the city wall. Since then, this area has been called Noryangjin.
    • Tourist Destinations

      Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market

      Yongyangbongjeojeong Pavilion
      Noryangjin-dong Map


  • Sangdo-dong was named as such since it used to be called Sangtugul because pallbearers had been living in this area. In the Joseon dynasty, it used to be called Seongdohwa-ri and was renamed Sangdori and Sangdojeong. In 1955, it was renamed as Sangdo-dong by the Municipal Ordinance for Dong Installation.
    • Tourist Destinations

      Seongdae Traditional Market

      Sajaam Hermitage
      Sangdo-dong Map


  • The name of Heukseok-dong was derived from its original name “Geomeundol Village” (literally meaning the village of black stones). The area was given its name due to black stones easily found to the south of Heukseok 1-dong Office.
    • Tourist Destinations

      Hyosajeong Pavilion

      Hangang Nadeul-gil (Dongjak Chunghyogil Tour 3
      Heukseok-dong Map


  • Sadang-dong was named as such because a big shrine was located in this area. It used to be called Sadang-ri and included Neung Village, Dongsan Village, and Yangjitmal in 1914. As the area was incorporated from Gyeonggi-do to Seoul in 1963, it began to be called Sadang-dong.
    • Tourist Destinations

      Seoul National Cemetery

      Hoguk Jijangsa Temple
      Sadang-dong Map


  •  During the Joseon dynasty, about 350 years ago, it was originally made up of two different villages called Nopeun Jeori and Beondaengi. It was renamed Beondaebang-ri during the Japanese colonial period. After the liberation of Korea, it began to be called Daebang-dong.
    • Tourist Destinations

      Daebang Park (Noryangjin Neighborhood
      Park, Chunghyogil Tour 4

      Yongma Arts Festival (November)
      Daebang-dong Map


  • Sindaebang-dong was named as such since it was a new town adjacent to Daebang-dong. In 1970, it was separated from Daerim-dong in accordance with the Municipal Ordinance No. 613 of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    • Tourist Destinations

      Boramae Park

      Urban rest area - Dorimcheon Embankments
      Sindaebang-dong Map