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  1. home
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  4. Mayor’s Greetings

Mayor’s Greetings

Welcome to the official website of Dongjak-gu Office, the city of filial piety. Thank you for visiting the official website of Dongjak-gu Office.
I'm the sixth Mayor of Dongjak-gu, Lee Chang-woo. - Mayor of Dongjak-gu Lee Chang-woo

I believe that I was elected as the Mayor of Dongjak-gu by the residents
who wanted to make Dongjak-gu a younger and better place.
Keeping in mind your wishes, I will make efforts to turn Dongjak-gu into a vibrant and good place to live in.

"The vibrant Dongjak-gu" means a place where every single individual who lives in Dongjak-gu can lead a life rich in social value, economic prosperity, and human dignity.
I hope that all residents are treated equally and those who have experienced failure can have a second chance, not letting a single person fall behind.

To achieve this, I will make efforts to create more
jobs and improve the residential welfare, educational, and childcare systems of Dongjak-gu.
In addition, I will do my best in protecting residents' lives and properties by revitalizing the regional economy
and establishing crime prevention and safety systems.

Above all, your participation is needed for developing Dongjak-gu.
The sixth local government of Dongjak-gu will do its best to make Dongjak a better place together with your help.

The official website of Dongjak-gu Office provides an extensive range of administrative information and is for the purpose of communication with residents.

Do not hesitate to express your opinion. We will carefully listen to your voices and reflect them in policy as much as possible in order to make Dongjak-gu the most optimum city where all residents feel truly happy.

Thank you.